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Let Us Service Your Dental Handpieces

We specialize in dental handpiece repairs and 

guarantee to save Dentists money.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We service all high speed and slow speed handpiece brands, with a fast turn around time so you can get back to helping 

your patients.

Contact us with a service request or question

Handpieces Need Service

1957 S.S. White Company introduced the Borden Airmotor the first successful air-driven handpiece. This instrument is regarded as the precursor of the present generation of high-speed handpieces. This has changed the lives of million of dentist, making their jobs easier.

Handpieces however, run on their own for only a short time. In order to continue making the life of a dentist easier, and to increase production of the dentist, all handpieces need correct maintenance. Without proper maintenance, they simply stop working. The first three steps are LUBE, CLEAN, DRY. These steps are quite important to include in daily maintenance. However, even with great daily maintenace, dentists still continue to have problems. Why?

The answer is simple. Besides the daily maintenance, we need tune-up the handpiece like we tune up our cars, in order to keep our cars running good. This means taking the handpieces apart and cleaning them by taking out the debris from inside.

Lubricating will help your handpiece run smooth and easy, but only for a little while. The lubricant starts building up inside and collect debris.

Tuning-up will extend the life of your handpiece. It is recommended that the handpiece is taken apart, cleaned up,and tuned up every 6 months. Your turbines will thank you for this. 

The picture on the left shows an example of a chuck from the nose cone full of build up. Due to this build up and debris inside, the bur is not able to be placed inside. The picture on the right shows the same chuck after removal of build up. Due to the fact that this handpiece was not tuned up regularly, it rusted. Unfortunately, it will not run as smooth due to this permanent damage. This chuck will, therefore, have to be replaced. To replace this part will mean more cost to you. Maintenance will save you money.

To save money, the dentist and assistant need to observe symptoms of the handpiece. The problems include putting in or taking out a bur or a locked bur.

Don’t wait until the handpiece stops working. Send your handpiece for a full tune-up. Save your investment and keep them working for a long time. We can help you extended the life of your handpiece at the most reasonable price.